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"It is a good life we lead, brother."
“The best.”

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A creative challenge I’ll be doing that you’re all welcome to partake in. Basically: You’ll be drawing/writing about/whatever other creative thing you want to do 28 different monsters based on the prompts below. You can do doodles, full-blown paintings, short drabbles, whole stories, whatever you want. While this is intended to be done through the month of February you’re welcome to do this whenever you wish. 

These monsters can be gross, creepy, cutesy, pretty, whatever you want. Just let your imagination fly and have fun with this.

If this catches on it’d be really cool if you tagged your creations with ‘28 Monsters.’ I’m interested to see other people’s takes on the prompts.

Day 1:  A swamp dwelling monster.

Day 2: A monster that brings about a specific disease.

Day 3: A particularly cute monster inspired by an insect or an arachnid.

Day 4: A humanoid monster with feline features.

Day 5: A monster inspired by deep-sea organisms.

Day 6: A monster that disguises itself as a common household object.

Day 7: Pick a tree and combine it with your favorite animal. Make your monster out of this.

Day 8: An unusual take on the vampire. 

Day 9: An unusual take on the werewolf.

Day 10: A particularly scary monster based on a traditionally adorable animal like rabbits, small dogs, etc.

Day 11:  A candy-based monster.

Day 12: A beautiful monster that uses its beauty to lure in prey.

Day 13: A monster based on a common farm animal, like cows, sheep, or chickens.

Day 14: A monster that only appears in our world on Valentine’s Day.

Day 15: A flamboyantly colored monster with a beautiful voice.

Day 16: A monster that lures humans into wooded areas and makes them extremely fearful of the world outside said wooded area.

Day 17: A monster that causes a minor inconvenience, like getting your socks lost or bogging down your internet speed.

Day 18: A monster based off a childhood fear of yours.

Day 19: An intimidating, vicious monster that can be easily defeated with a common household object.

Day 20: A monster that inhabits coral-reefs.

Day 21: A monster with three mouths, none of these mouths being on its head, and a highly specific diet

Day 22: A monster with at least 2 heads and no eyes.

Day 23: A monster that appears in crowded areas in broad daylight and travels silently through the crowd. Nobody knows what it wants but police stations are generally flooded with missing person reports after it appears.

Day 24: A slime-based monster with an addictive slime that causes feelings of bliss.

Day 25: A crystalline monster that causes feelings of unease, which it then feeds off.

Day 26: A monster you can summon by chanting its name 3 times in a dark room in front of a mirror. What this monster does when summoned is up to you.

Day 27: A monster with unusually large hands that is generally found prowling the halls of hospitals at night for unknown reasons.

Day 28: Look back on all the monsters you’ve made and create a hybrid of two of your favorites.

Hey guys I’m gonna do this awesome challenge starting today! If you want to follow go to my personal blog here:

You should do it too!! 8D

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Laughter Lines by Bastille

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make me choose: lovespayne asked: crowley or abaddon?

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Why Matthew Brown reached out to Will Graham.

(aka let me just dump all my feelings in a rambling post)

Imagine this: he’s a messed up kid who knows he has something missing inside of him. He doesn’t care about people’s lives, and is pretty much a prime manipulator and liar - he knows how to pretend to be normal, to keep his head down.

But he does read books and newspapers; he does watch the news. He’s fascinated that are people out there ‘like him’. He aspires to be ‘greater’ than them. (Remember when he wonders if he could take on Hannibal’s murders by murdering him? And when he wonders what name he might be known by, when he commits his own crimes?)

Sometime in his life, he ends up committed to the hospital: maybe because of a minor crime that ended up with him getting diagnosed, maybe in a failed attempt to murder, maybe because of a successful one, but he eventually gets out. Gets back in, but he’s on the other side of the bars as an orderly.

He thinks that he can maybe find his answer in here: another patient, someone exactly like him. Someone who also shares his interests in serial killers, in the art of it all. He glorifies and romanticizes the fuck out of the whole thing. He’s good with a knife and a gun, and strong.

Then maybe he reads TattleCrime. There’s a copycat killer out there, a person who understands - a person who actually mimics scenes that other killers have done and sees how beautiful it is. What better way to show your appreciation for art than through homages?

It’s a stroke of luck that Will gets sent to the Baltimore Hospital. Matthew reads and rereads Will’s file and is utterly obsessed. Here’s someone who can get into the minds of serial killers, here’s someone who had hid out in the open, just like him. Here’s someone who made connections.

He wants to know Will.

So he kills the bailiff for him, a homage of his own.

So he opens up to Will after reading the TattleCrime interview.

So he agrees to try and kill Hannibal.

And he isn’t really bothered at all when Hannibal says Will isn’t responsible for the murders. Because the thing that matters are Will’s connections - the way he got to understand killers, the way he could understand Matthew.

Matthew elects himself as Will’s hunter, his messenger, and puts a noose around Hannibal’s neck. He’s Matthew. The disciple Matthew wrote the Bible gospel emphasizing Judas’ final fate, but Hannibal isn’t quite Judas, he’s Lucifer. And you can’t expect to kill the devil himself.

He was really, really close. Even when he gets shot, he still has his promise, his devotion left, and kicks the bucket.

tl;dr Matthew is someone who’s obsessed with serial killers, as an innate one himself. And he sees Will as the pinnacle of that obsession - initially because he thinks Will is a copycat murderer who knows how to appreciate ‘good art’, but ultimately, because he can emphasize with them.

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date a guy who reads. date a guy who will always be there for you no matter what. date a guy who will be turned on whenever you push his buttons. date a guy who will entertain you, who will distract you from the pains of everyday life, and will always be there in the bedroom waiting for you. date a guy who reads… video game discs. date a gaming console. 

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This is the true love story of the show

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2 caps of dean per episode

          ↳ 1.03 dead in the water

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whenever I say that I don’t want kids what I actually mean is I don’t want to have my own kids for a lot of personal reasons but mostly it seems stupid to bring another kid into the world when there are already so many kids who needs parents and families to love them on this planet already

like why would I perpetuate this genetic goldmine (sarcasm font) when I could adopt a kid or be a foster parent to someone who’s like three blocks away from me right now???? that makes no sense to me man idk

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